Outreach for People


As our supporters and sponsors know, Coco’s has evolved over the years to meet new needs in our region.  Our mobile clinic van, donated by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), has been agreat success and we intend to expand its use.


Early morning and afternoon, we transport animals from poor areas with the greatest need to the permanent clinic for spay and neuter.  In addition, the van will be in the field for several hours, four days per week, in the poorest areas of Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.  Staffed by vet Erika from IFAW and a volunteer, the mobile unit will provide basic veterinarian care at cost price for the pets of families who have the greatest need.

DSC_5585This outreach has been happening in the past few months and the plight of some of the families has been heartbreaking.  It is of course a boon to them to stop the reproduction of pets, which strains their ability to care for the pets and each other.  Some of our volunteers have been supplying some basic human needs, but this new program will allow us to get care packages to more families, and, while taking care of their pets, provide the humans with some necessities as well.

Coco’s is now designated as a collection centre for these items:

  • Bottled water
  • Nutritious tinned and packaged food and eggs
  • Clothing suitable for tropical living, in all sizes
  • Shoes in all sizes
  • IMG_0207Toys for all ages

As you know, our focus has always been on rescued cats and dogs, with reduction of reproduction being our key goal.  However, we cannot turn our backs on the humans, where there are adults and children with no clean water, not enough food, dirty old clothing and no shoes or toys.

We have been inspired by stories told by IFAW’s Erika and Joaquin, who visited an animal rescue group in Africa that helped the people along with the animals.  With our wonderful volunteers, supporters and remarkable sponsors, we know we can help the poorest of the poor in the Riviera Maya.

We invite local residents and visitors to drop off donations to Coco’s for collection and distribution.  If you’d like to donate for this cause now, simply use the link below to donate via Paypal and your donation will be automatically noted to go toward “Outreach for People”.

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