Adopt a Kitten


Give a Kitten a Forever Home and Make a Forever Friend

At Coco’s we do all we can to ensure that the kittens are going to the best home and that they will be well taken care of. To adopt a kitten you will be asked to give a donation of at least 300 pesos, this includes: The spay/neuter, all vaccinations and de parasite treatments as well as a personalized ID tag.

You will be asked to bring a copy of your ID and proof of where you live. We will also ask you to fill out the adoption form and ask you some basic/general questions.

Adopting a kitten is a lifelong responsibility as cats can live up to 20 years and sometimes more. Please consider this before adopting and make sure that if there is a possibility that you might move away from Playa in the future that you can take your kitten with you.

We recommend that cats live inside here in Mexico as there are many more risks here like cats being run over, poisoned etc. If you do choose to let your cat outside it is very important that you keep your new kitten/cat inside for the first 2-3 weeks while it adapts to its new home. Cats are territorial and have an amazing instinct. They can travel thousands of kilometers back to their old home. This also applies if you move house in the future with your cat. In each new home you must keep the cat inside for the first few weeks.

We also recommend that cats have a safety cat collar on them with an ID tag in case the cat gets lost. It is very important that the only type of collar you put on your cat is a safety collar which breaks away from the cat’s neck if it gets caught in anything. Many cats die a horrible death from having other types of collars on.

We ask that you bring a cat carrier/cage to transport the kitten securely to your home. Cats are not like dogs and even though they are small if they get scared by a car or Moto the kitten could escape. Cages can be bought in Walmart or Chedraui.

Please make an appointment via mail or phone. If you are interested in adopting a kitten please e-mail us at: or call from Monday to Friday from 8am-4pm: 9841200572

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