Foster parents provide temporary homes for kittens, this requires a significant commitment. The length of fostering varies from a couple of days to a few months depending on each individual situation. There are many rewards from fostering you can take care of a cute kitten without committing to the next 20 years.

Temporary foster parents are needed for many different reasons:

New born or extremely young kittens need special attention. Bottle feeding a kitten is a big commitment as they need to be fed every 3 hours night and day. Without dedicated foster parents these new born kittens cannot get the care and attention they need.


44802_10151626692821785_1204847023_nTreatment and care of ill and injured kittens. Sometimes we have ill kittens that need to be in quarantine as they are contagious or they are injured and need special attention. Foster parents provide the kittens with the attention, medicine and space they need to recover.

Taming of feral kittens. When we rescue feral kittens as young as 4 weeks old they need additional time and attention to get used to human company. Often these kittens just need to be cuddled and need a calm environment. Sometimes it can be difficult to tame certain kittens and they do not get used to human company as they have so many other kittens to play with, in this case when the kitten is fostered the only company it has is human and they quickly become tame.

Limited space at Coco’s Animal Welfare. There are times when Coco`s is overwhelmed with kittens. Foster homes provide us with an additional option until a space is available

Fostering is a challenging but rewarding experience and saves many lives each year!

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