Help Us Build a Special Place of Hope and Healing

Our mission at Coco’s Animal Welfare (CAW)is to alleviate the suffering of animals through community education, clinic services, and fostering of homeless or unwanted cats and dogs. Through disease prevention and our highly successful animal sterilization program we continue to execute our mission in Riviera Maya and Yucatan communities.

Since our humble beginnings in 2009, we have reached many communities. Our spayed and neuter program has treated over 16,000 animals, we have worked with over 10 local rescue groups and organizations with medical services for their animals, and our volunteers have worked with us to rescue and adopt out over 1000 animals.

The demand for our services has increased exponentially since 2009. To meet the continued need in our communities we have implemented new programs that support both our mission and our communities. Our greatest achievements have been the following:

  • Permanent Low Cost/Free Sterilization Clinic – This program focuses on free sterilization services for animal rescue groups and organizations, low income families and rescued street animals.
  • Mobile Clinic and Education Unit – Our newly implemented mobile unit treats at risk animals and conducts community education in hard to reach and at risk communities in the area.
  • Cat Cafe Program – Offers humane options to local hotels to cat overpopulation issues that replaced the unlawful practice of mass poisoning.
  • Cachito Fund – Free medical and sterilization program for rescued and fostered dogs.
  • Coco’s Kittens – A foster home and adoption program for up to 15 abandoned or rescued kittens.
  • Rescue Support Program – Providing treatment to the animals and assistance to the rescuers.
  • Community Dog Program -Street dogs are tagged, trapped, and treated by our team of vets and volunteers, then released back to their neighborhoods for long term care and ongoing observation.
  • Community Outreach and Education Program -Through a fun and interactive puppet show, children throughout the Riviera Maya and Yucatan learn the basics of animal welfare and care.

A Greater Demand for Our Animal Welfare Services

With more programs. community outreach and clinic services, Coco’s Animal Welfare has a constant and overwhelming demand for animal care. Our current clinic is not reaching the demand for our services, which has led to our current expansion. A larger clinic that is centrally located in the Riviera Maya would meet the need of our communities. By increasing our space we can serve more cats and dogs, support more rescue and animal organizations, and conduct more community education that meets the demand we are currently facing.

The new clinic has been designed to go beyond today’s demands with a view to the future, allowing us to help and provide ongoing support to more animals and animal organizations while educating more families and children about animal welfare. With our new clinic services we will help over 8000 animals each year.

New Clinic Highlights:

  • Prep, surgery and recovery areas
  • Lab and kitten quarantine room
  • Two isolation rooms
  • Overnight hospital facilities for both dogs and cats
  • Large multipurpose room for training and educational courses
  • Large garden for adoption events

Through the generous support and donation of land and two foundation grants from the International Federation of Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Dog’s Trust, we are well on our way to meeting the community demand for services.

Be a Part of Our Community Animal Welfare Clinic and Education Center

Our community has been a critical part of our success. As we build the new clinic and education center block by block, we feel it is important to include opportunities for community donors, both individual and corporate partners, in our mission to support local animal welfare and clinic services in the Riviera Maya and Yucatan.

To complete the project we are faced with the challenge to raise an additional $75,000US and are counting on you, our supporters and animal advocates, to help us meet our goal.

Various donor levels highlight the community leaders who choose to support our mission and passion for the humane treatment and care of our local animals. All Community donors who participate in any of our donor levels will be invited to the opening of the new clinic facilities in addition to the donor recognition offered.
Our partnership with ViDAS enables our US donors to obtain a tax receipt for your generous contribution. To obtain your tax-deductible receipt, checks may be made payable to “ViDAS,” and mailed to P.O. Box 20246, Boulder, CO 80308-3246. Please list “Coco’s Animal Welfare” in the memo section on the check. Please send us a note on email to confirm your donation so we can start working on your donor recognition.

Note for online donations: While we are unable, at this time to offer tax-deductible receipts for online gifts, we do continue to welcome non-deductible donations through PayPal.


Choose Your Level and Donate Today!

Paws for a Cause – Donate $1000 USD and be honored by a cat or dog paw on our reception donor wall. The permanent paw can either have your name, your pets name or be in memorandum of a favorite family pet.

CAW Community Caregiver – Donate $5000 USD and sponsor one of six clinic rooms that are dedicated to the recovery and housing of rescued or medically treated cats and dogs. Your name, your pets name or a plaque in memory of a treasured family pet will be highlighted outside of one of the recovery and housing rooms.

CAW Community Healer – Donate $10,000 USD and have your donor name highlighted on our surgery room which is a critical medical facility for the health of our community animals.

CAW Community Educator – Donate $15,000 USD and have your donor name highlighted on our Multipurpose and Education room.

CAW Community Hero – Donate $20,000 USD as an individual or a group and name our reception area. All CAW community participants will see your name or group name as they walk into our clinic doors, the focal point of all CAW programs.



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