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vertlogo2Since 2012, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has been partnering with Coco’s to improve the lives of cats and dogs in Playa del Carmen.  Through research and surveys conducted by IFAW staff, we are acquiring important data and information on the attitudes of local people, which will guide the design of effective education programs and community outreach initiatives.

A vehicle donated by IFAW has been instrumental to increase our reach to isolated communities and neighborhoods promoting spay and neuter, and providing transportation for animals in need of medical attention. In partnership with IFAW, we have been able to rescue animals from difficult situations and find them loving forever homes.

IFAW’s support has allowed Coco’s to improve the clinic facilities and equipment, as well as increase our spay and neuter surgeries. We are working to develop programs that are innovative with successful long term strategies for a humane dog and cat population management. By working with IFAW, we have been able to relieve the suffering of more dogs and cats than ever before.


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