Support Program for Rescued Kittens and Cats


With over 14,000 cats and kittens on the streets of Playa del Carmen alone Coco’s is overwhelmed with kittens most of the time. Coco’s is not a shelter. We do however, maintain a kitten rescue program with space for 15-20 kittens at any one time. Our protocols are strict to keep each rescued kitten in our care, healthy. The truth is, we are almost always full as we constantly rotate a new rescue in as another one finds it’s forever home.

Why Coco’s Animal Welfare is full at times:

Coco’s has very strict quarantine rules. When a new kitten arrives at Coco’s it must be monitored and kept separate from other kittens for at least 15 days. During this time, the kitten undergoes treatment for parasites and will receive its first vaccine. There are many other viruses and skin conditions (like ring worm or mange) that require a longer quarantine time. Our facility provides us with 2 kitten play rooms for healthy kittens and 1 smaller room for quarantine.

206596_10150176655846785_7319792_nWe cannot put new arrival kittens with healthy ones that have already been through quarantine. We would end up with many sick, parasite infested kittens. Some common illnesses can be life threatening to young kittens and Coco’s will not risk 10 healthy kittens by adding a potentially sick kitten to the group. Instead, we treat all incoming arrivals with every precaution and treatment to help them obtain full health before exposure to others.

We prefer to have 20 healthy kittens rather than 50 sick ones. Even if this means we have to say ‘no’ to individuals when they ask us to take in more rescued kittens than we can healthily handle.

When one kitten gets re-homed we are able to rescue another. We do our best to help as many kittens as possible but we are with limited space. Don’t give up, we want to help you with your rescued kitten! When we are unable to accept a new rescue, we have started this support program in hopes to assist more than we would be able to in our facility. With this support program we assist caretakers/foster parents with some of the expense of rescuing an animal, while caring for their rescue in their own home and following through in finding homes for them. We are here to support you in this process.

PLEASE ,PLEASE, PLEASE promise to bring any kitten in your care in for sterilization. Help us stop this cycle.



How Coco’s Can Help You:

  • Free spay and neuter
  • Free first rabies vaccinations
  • Free de-parasite meds
  • Free general exam for rescued animal with Coco’s Vet
  • Free kitten milk, bottle and a lesson on how to care for younger kittens who cannot eat by themselves.
  • Free Poster Template to help you make Flyers to find a home for your rescue.

We do not offer vaccinations or general exams for owned pets. We do not want to take the business away from our local vets. This is for rescued kittens only that have not yet been adopted.

We can always help rescued kittens with the above program. With our help you can adopt out healthy kitties that are spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Having these things handled make it much easier to find loving homes.

Why Coco’s is Not a Shelter

Coco’s mission is not to be a shelter. We do wish to help as many kittens as space allows but *our main focus is on spaying and neutering*. Spay and Neuter 59440_10151166996841785_1981548691_n1addresses the bigger/ongoing problem of over-population and prevents unnecessary animal suffering and abuse. There will never be a shelter big enough for all the cats and kittens on the streets in need. When you look at the statistics of how there are over 14,000 cats on the streets in Playa alone it is crucial that we do as much as we can to counter the over-population problem.

We get phone calls daily asking us to take in more kittens and we are heartbroken a lot of the times when we have to say no due to our limitation on space. We are always happy to give advice on what to do and how to do it. We are often amazed how willing people are to take responsibility for their rescue when they know what to do and where to go for help It really is simple once you know what to do. We also know if a person calls with a homeless kitten or cat that they too have a heart to try to help. We need their help too. The numbers needing help are impossible for Coco’s to handle all of them. We are grateful for all the other locals and tourists looking out for Playa’s animals in need!!!!

Please help us spread the word about our support program so more animals can be helped in our community.

Spay and neuter is a very important part in the solution of animal overpopulation!

Coco’s works by appointment only. To arrange an appointment for help with your rescued kittens please e-mail