Dog Rescue Support


Our program helps people who rescue dogs off the street.

Coco’s started this program with the intention of helping and assisting people who rescue street dogs, so that they can take responsibility of their rescue and find them permanent homes.

For this purpose, we have opened a low cost clinic for rescued dogs and puppies on Mondays and Thursdays from 1pm until 3pm.

We must stress that this program is not available for pets. It is available only for people who rescue and for rescued dogs and puppies. Rescuers who would like to form part of this program must contact us directly and must meet certain requirements to be eligible for the program.

If you rescue dogs and puppies, here are some of the services that Coco’s can provide at our cost price:

How Coco’s Can Help You:

When you rescue a dog or a puppy, Coco’s can assist you with the following items at the very low cost price:

  • Spay & neuter
  • First rabies vaccinations
  • Five-way vaccine
  • Six-way vaccine
  • De-parasite meds
  • TVT treatment
  • Mange treatment
  • General exam for rescued animal by Coco’s Vet
  • Amputation
  • Enucleation
  • Distemper test
  • Parvo test
  • Heartworm test


Our team of Medical Vets will confirm the treatment needed for your rescued dogs. The treatments are not negotiable and all payments must be made in full before treatment.

IMPORTANT: We do not offer consultations for pets or for rescued dogs that have been adopted. This is an agreement we have with the local vets so as not to interfere with their business and patients. These services are only available for dogs and puppies that have not been adopted and rescuers must also prove that there is an on-going adoption process for that particular rescued dog or puppy.

We encourage you to put up posters, advertising that they are healthy, spayed/neutered and vaccinated. This way we hope it is easier for you to find them homes. We also have a poster template that you are welcome to use.

Why Coco’s is Not a Shelter

When Coco’s was founded, it was on the basis that the only answer to the massive numbers of unwanted animals in our area is an ongoing, sustainable sterilization service.


Coco’s mission of spay and neuter helps solve the biggest ongoing problem – keeping unwanted animals from being born.  We are not a shelter, and no shelter could ever be big enough for all the feral and street animals in Playa del Carmen.  We collaborate with local stakeholders to promote responsible ownership of cats and dogs, through neighbourhood trap/neuter/return (TNR) projects, Cat Cafes at resorts and hotels and rescuing of kittens under three months, as well as our “Rescued Dog Help” program.

Due to quarantine restrictions, we are only able to take in kittens when space is available, and we are unable to take in dogs. 

We ask pet owners to pay a minimum of $300 pesos to get their cat spayed or neutered and a minimum of $500 pesos to get their dog spayed or neutered.  If they are able to pay these fees, our costs are covered.  If people cannot afford it, we ask for a donation, but always offer free spay and neuter to those who cannot afford any donation.

Please help spread the word about all our services so we can help more animals!

Coco’s works via appointment only. To arrange an appointment for help with your rescued animal, please e-mail or call 984 120 0572 Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.